Zafra’s founders have over 2 decades of experience in the spirits business, and have established an excellent know how of brand building. The founders have been integral in the marketing and sales of many world renowned rum brands. This experience inspired them to create the ultimate super premium rum ZAFRA. The most essential element of this product would be the rum itself. For this task the founders, worked with a top producer of rums in Panama and have created exceptional expressions, that bring together the art of production, vision and most importantly, passion into all expressions. ZAFRA RUM is now available in many countries worldwide, and continues to “WOW” the consumer with its unique taste profile.

Zafra: Definition & SIGNIFICANCE

All rum is made from sugar cane. In Spanish, Zafra refers to the act of harvesting sugarcane. It is the moment in time when nature rewards men for months of dedication and arduous labor. After the harvest, our skilled Master Distiller transforms the gathered cane into rum, and after careful maturation in selected bourbon casks, the alchemy is complete. Converting aged rum into the masterpiece we call Zafra. Every rum in the world owes its existence to a Zafra. “There is no rum without Zafra”. Zafra Rum is the first to pay tribute to this time-honored tradition. “From A to Zafra” – this rum embodies the complete story of rum, from the harvest through the fermentation, distillation, aging and “Small Batch” blending to the hands of the discerning consumer.


Central America



SUGAR CANE – Processed into Top Grade A - Molasses.

Panama, a country known worldwide for its inter-oceanic channel, enjoys abundant rain, which is the secret to the plentiful sugarcane harvests “ZAFRA”.





Column stills are the traditional way of producing rum.


Our rums are aged in hand selected Bourbon oak casks. Casks that are seasoned and cured with Bourbon in preparation for their use to age Zafra. The Tropical weather of Panama sets up a perfect environment for rum to interact with the oak cask, allowing for the magical transformation of raw alcohol into this fine rum, quietly and patiently aging for years, waiting for the perfect time before being bottled.


Our Master Ronero works together with Zafra’s Founders to craft this “Rum Treasure” of Panama. The Master Ronero has been carefully aging and blending rums for decades, allowing time with tireless supervision to ensure the best and purest aged rum. With the founders keen sensorial abilities, and the Master Roneros unprecedented blending abilities, we are able to bring to you this Authentic Rum Treasure – Zafra.